Black Angus

Reference Sires

Many of the breed's top sires are represented for a broad selection on sale day.

Raised to Breed, Bred to Feed!

Black Angus Sires Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) Data Summary

Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Paintrock Mountain Man +0  +55  +20  +87 AAA 17348664

Mt Man 560

A Mountain of a Man

  • Muscle, maternal and high altitude calving ease genetics with an individual PAP score of 37
  • Raised in a time-tested herd that winters on the Badlands and summers up to 8,000 feet
    in the Big Horn Mountains and backed by four-plus generations of known PAP score predictability
  • Moderate framed bull with massive capacity and thickness
  • Sired the $30,000 high seller in the 2015 Paint Rock Angus Sale
  • His calving ease, maternal and muscle combination will work at any elevation


Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
PRA Motive 501 +0.1  +61  +21  +115 AAA 18260177

PRA Motive 501

  • Big time spread from birth to weaning.  Calves come small and have tremendous growth. 
  • A Motive son with added frame, bone and length. 
  • Bull is very athletic and doesn't stop till the last cow is bread.



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
KG Double 07 8538 2.1 +81  +20 +144 AAA 19337240

KG Double 07 8538

  • Another bull that we acquired from the December 2019 KG sale.
  • He is a moderate size, super long bodied bull with an excellent disposition.
  • He has massive bone and good feet! He is a definite outcross on our pedigrees!



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Paintrock Trapper  +.7  +64  +26  +109 AAA 18270980

Paintrock Trapper

  • Trapper is one of the favorite bulls to see at the GENEX Production Center in Billings, Montana.
    He offers real-world maternal genetics with worlds of mating flexibility.
  • Look to Trapper to add maternal function, body capacity, and fleshing ability.
  • With a PAP score of 40 at 7280 at 4 years of age, Trapper is a nice choice for herds at elevation.


Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Sitz Stellar 426D  0.0 77 20 133 AAA 18397542

Stellar 726D new fall 2017

  • Big time calving ease and performance combining a 62 lb. BW with 900 lb. WW.
  • Outstanding maternal pedigree and design with breed leading $ Weaning Index.
  • Super thick topped and deep sided bull



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Sitz Element 10088
 1.3 72 20 130 AAA 19064631

sitz element 10088

We purchased this bull from the December 2019 Sitz Angus Sale. 
Like his sire, he is a true performance bull with added growth and muscle shape. 
Impressively long bodied and correct in his structure. 
Another outcross on our cow base, his calve have proved to be in the top of our selection.



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
KG-Justified  -2.1  61  31  108 AAA 17707279 


We bought two sons out of KG Justified 3023 from the December 2019 KG sale. 

These bulls offer extra muscle shape and definition and double-digit calving ease with high profit potential for commercial cattlemen.



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Sitz Accomplishment
 5  75 20 131 AAA19078208

sitz accomplishment

Stiz Accomplishment combines eye appealing calving ease with carcass merit and powerful muscle mass.
Big bodied, powerfully constructed bull that excels for thickness and volume.



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