Black Angus

Reference Sires

Many of the breed's top sires are represented for a broad selection on sale day.

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Black Angus Sires Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) Data Summary

Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Paintrock Mountain Man +0  +55  +20  +87 AAA 17348664

Mt Man 560

A Mountain of a Man

  • Muscle, maternal and high altitude calving ease genetics with an individual PAP score of 37
  • Raised in a time-tested herd that winters on the Badlands and summers up to 8,000 feet
    in the Big Horn Mountains and backed by four-plus generations of known PAP score predictability
  • Moderate framed bull with massive capacity and thickness
  • Sired the $30,000 high seller in the 2015 Paint Rock Angus Sale
  • His calving ease, maternal and muscle combination will work at any elevation


Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
ICC Pay Raise 4886 +1.3  +60  +17  +116 AAA 17974692

ICC Pay Raise 4886



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Paintrock EXT 1622  -.9  +38  +18  +54 AAA 14209463
Paintrock EXT 1622 



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Paintrock Trapper  +.7  +64  +26  +109 AAA 18270980

Paintrock Trapper

  • Trapper is one of the favorite bulls to see at the GENEX Production Center in Billings, Montana.
    He offers real-world maternal genetics with worlds of mating flexibility.
  • Look to Trapper to add maternal function, body capacity, and fleshing ability.
  • With a PAP score of 40 at 7280 at 4 years of age, Trapper is a nice choice for herds at elevation.