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All of the bulls at Paintrock Angus are developed in Rocky Mountain pastures and fed high roughage rations.  We are lead breeders in carcass and performance.  Below are images of our Reference Angus Sires which are raised to breed, bred to feed!  Click on any image to view more information about the Reference Sires at Paintrock Angus Ranch.

Black Angus Sires

Click on any of the below images to view the Paintrock Black Angus Reference Sires.  To read complete data, view the Black Angus Sire Page.

Black Angus

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Reference Sires

Many of the breed's top sires are represented for a broad selection on sale day.

Raised to Breed, Bred to Feed!

Black Angus Sires Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) Data Summary

Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
C/C Cash Flow +.9  +49  +25  +94 AAA 18562185

Barstow Cash 

Cash gained 4.7lbs per day at the Iowa Bull Test. Moderate birth with added bone, muscle and frame size. Excellent disposition! Big spread bull. Dam is known for producing high performance cattle.

Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
S A V Renown 3439 +2.8  +72  +22  +127 AAA 17633839


Look to Renown to add superior phenotype, performance and maternal potency. Progeny are sound footed, correct cattle with added eye appeal.



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Paintrock Mountain Man +.4  +53  +16  +86 AAA 17348664

Mt Man 

This fella passed last year. Semen is still available but due to his passing supply is limited.



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Connealy Capitalist 028  +.3  +58  +19  +99 AAA 16752262

Connealy Capitalist 

Capitalist is smaller framed with an unmatched ability to transmit body mass, base width and muscle. Daughters are ideal in terms of body dimension, fleshing ability and udder quality.



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
LD Emblazon 999  +0.6  +66  +14  +122 AAA 16665803

LD Emblazon 

Ranked in the top 3% of breed for feed efficiency. A high performance son of Emblazon. Daughters are ideal with excellent udder quality.



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Basin Payweight  +.7  +68  +29  +120 AAA 17038724

Basin Payweight 

Payweight daughters are easy fleshing, functional and high productive. Excellent udders!



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
PRA Motive 501  +.4  +62  +27  +108 AAA 18260177

PRA Motive 501 

Big time spread from birth to weaning. Calves come small and have tremendous growth. A motive son with added frame, bone and length. Bull is very athletic and doesn’t stop till the last cow is bred!



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Hartz Quality Product 42  +1.9  +65  +30  +114 AAA 17899251



Sire NameBWWWMilkYWReg #
Paintrock Trapper  +.6  +65  +27  +110 AAA 18270980

Paintrock Trapper 

Trapper offers real world, maternal genetics with worlds of mating flexibility. Look to Trapper to add foot quality, body capacity and fleshing ease. Trapper progeny have performed well at high altitudes, making him a nice choice at elevation.